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how to file a home insurance claim in Miami

Let us help you file your insurance claim

The Miami Public Adjusters team at All Dade Public Adjusters LLC. is honored to handle your insurance claim. We are ready to get started right away. In our experience, the first 48hrs after an incident are crucial to limiting your loss, limiting the damages in the event of water and wind damages and in letting the insurance company know that you are properly represented. If this is your first time doing this here are some bullet point of how to go about this and what to expect.

  • Call us at 305.893.0220 or fill the form to the right immediately before or after a claim has been filed with the insurance company
  • We will schedule an in-house consultation and get an overview of damage. This also gives us a chance to get to know our clients and answer any questions they may have.
  • Assess and evaluate the damage. We will be performing a thorough inspection of the damage making sure we attain all the correct measurements and photos.
  • Prepare a fully detailed estimate on repairs with the latest estimating software and come to our conclusion on the cost of repairs and replacement of your damaged property. Also, if needed, we will prepare a full inventory of damaged personal property.
  • Notify the insurance company that we have delegated authority over the insured claim. We will schedule an appointment for inspection with the insurance company’s adjuster and give them a walkthrough of damage.
  • Represent and negotiate your claim to the insurance company. If we feel that the first initial settlement the insurance company has sent is unfair, we will fight it! In this case, we will take the initial check as partial payment for you to start your repairs and going after the rest through various avenues which could involve a re-inspection, mediation or an appraisal process.
  • Keep you involved and informed every step of the way.

Hiring a Miami Claim Adjuster

If you are still questioning whether or NOT to hire a Miami Public Adjuster, let’s go over the facts one more time. Certified Public Adjusters, such as those found at All Dade Public Adjusters LLC., are licensed and specially trained to appraise, assess, prepare and negotiate many types of a residential or commercial property damage claim. Most people lack the expertise and experience necessary to quote a restoration job unless they have a substantial amount of general contracting experience or have been trained as a public adjuster.

We do all the work, including:

  • Reviewing and assessing your true insurance coverage as stated in your insurance policy
  • Providing assistance in meeting the requirements of the policy to comply with the defined time and damage requirements.
  • Identify and value the losses including appraising the damages, content, interruption of business operations and any additional expense that could be claimed.
  • Represents your claim to the insurer.
  • Negotiates the best settlement for you.
  • Keep you informed on your claim status from start to finish so that you will always know what is going on.
  • We do not charge any up-front fees, so no money comes out of your pocket.

After our initial meeting and based on the amount of work that needs to be done we will agree on a percentage that ranges from 10%-20% of the amount of the collectible loss, regardless of whether settled by adjustment, litigation, appraisal, mediation, or otherwise. After reaching an agreement, we will sign a contract, giving All Dade Public Adjusters LLC., the authority to represent your claim to the Insurance Company.

A fee will only be charged after the Insurance Company has issued a settlement. With All Dade Public Adjusters LLC., you have a 100% No settlement / No Fee guarantee.