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HOA Insurance v. Condominium Owner Insurance Claim Adjuster in Miami

Miami Public Adjuster for Condo & Association

The synergy between condo owners and condo association can be a complicated one. This makes condominium and homeowner’s association insurance claims some of the most challenging. The main reason for this is that when it comes to damages and condo insurance claims, there always seem to be a dispute over who owes what and to whom. A simple water heater or broken water pipe leak can cause damage to several units and possibly lead to a dispute between several unit owners, several insurance companies, and even the condo association.

For this reason, many public adjusters in Miami stay away from condo associations, condo management companies, and condo owner insurance claims. The issues with these types of claims go beyond the damages and loss calculation, and it has a lot to do with the communal bylaws when homeowners are living side-by-side and or above each other. Aside from this fact and depending on the state, condo and homeowners association have different ownership rights further complicating the loss assessment process. At All Dade Public Adjuster LLC., we welcome you all, condo associations, condo management companies, and condo owner insurance claims.

Filing a Condo or HOA insurance claim

When it comes to condo insurance claims, there are always questions in need of answers. Many condo owners think that because their neighbor caused the damage, they or their insurance company is the party responsible for paying. There are others that have umbrella policies through their condo association and think the condo association is responsible for fixing the mess. In any case, the first thing to identify is if the property is a condo or a homeowners association. In many cases, multi-unit communities may look like condos but don’t have to be. They may have been formed as homeowner associations.

Regardless of what the situation is you can count on All Dade Public Adjuster to sort it all out in a prompt and efficient manner. Whether the damage is to one unit or several are involved our team of multiple agents can work on multiple claim and multiple appraisers at the same time making sure the everyone gets the best settlement and that everyone can get their property fixed so that they can carry on with their lives. Call us today to get the process going!