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Commercial Public Adjuster in Miami

Commercial Claims Public Adjuster in Miami, Florida

Have you heard the saying “leave the plumbing to the plumbers and the cooking to cooks”? What this means is, if your business has suffered a loss, always let a qualified commercial public adjuster handle your claim. When it comes to commercial insurance claims, insurance companies bring not only their own adjusters but their best. For this reason, you could put yourself at a disadvantage if you do not have an experienced commercial public adjuster representing your claim.

In many occasions, the first reaction for business owners who suffer a loss is to contact their insurance agent or broker to get the claim process started. While the agents and brokers play a vital role in the early stages of the process, they are not adjusters.

All Dade Public Adjuster LLC. is an experienced commercial claim public adjusting firm that understands the claims process. We have the resources and expertise to help you obtain the maximum claim settlement your policy will cover. As a commercial public adjuster, we not only represent your best interest in helping you evaluate your commercial insurance policy to establish the best possible strategy but also evaluate, document and substantiate every detail of the claim so that you can get paid and start the recovery process as quickly as possible.

Every business is unique, and every commercial insurance claim is just as unique! Unlike car insurance claims, commercial property or business interruption claims are quite complicated. Failure to evaluate, document, and present a claim in a proper manner can represent an underpayment many times what a commercial public claims adjuster will cost.  If your business has experienced property damage or business interruption due to fire, flood, hurricane, or another disaster, All Dade Public Adjuster LLC. can help you.

Studies show the hiring an experienced Commercial insurance claim adjuster can result in settlements that are between 400 and 800 percent higher than what the insurance company first offered. Having great insurance is more than paying the high premium is about getting coverage when you most needed.  Getting paid is all about how the claim is evaluated, document and presented. Let us show how we can help, call All Dade Public Adjusters today!